Greeting from CEO

 FUNKEN POWTECHS has contributed to achieving automation of overwelming numbers of powder facilities based on our expertise in measuring / mixing / paddling / dissolving "powders". Thanks to all of our clients, we celebrated 58 th anniversary since the establishment on April, 2019.

On the long pathway so far, there have been uncountable demands of clients which were never in the same way. We have always responded to these demands, "can you make this happen?". For example,

  • one client wanted to make production process continuous instead of paddling in a batch by batch all day

  • in a huge space. Not to mention, it was a difficult task for us as well since the powder took a whole day to

  • be uniformly stirred up. However, we have never given up. We continued to think new plans out to make

  • the process continuous and try to keep exactly the same statement as the final product. Finally, we succeeded

  • to invent a brand-new process "flow jetter". At present in the industry, continuous paddling/kneading is a common sense.

Additionally, the number of demands associated to the environmental issue is increasing significantly these days. Some of the supplement materials had been beyond the common knowledge of handling powders. Through research and development with those new demands, we succeeded to reduce the dioxin emission with the quantitative feeding of a mixed substance of several types of composites in various shapes as a fuel to a burning furnace with high temperature. 

"Powder" transforms into various forms depending on conditions. 
"Powder" itself can evolve with fine grinding process technologies. 
"Powder" is breathing. 

Moreover, one of the features of our products is the durability. There are many clients who have used one of our products for over 30 years. We always try to add values to our products such as the long-time usage and the environmental-friendly manufacturing. We sincerely correspond to any necessities to maintenance and remodel our products with the greatest care to keep it available longer.

Mayumi Iwako



ISO certification

Quality Management System

  1. Scope of certification

  2. Location of site
    a. Head Office
    b. Osaka Office
    c. Muikamachi Factory

  3. Certification body
    UKAS(United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

  4. Standards
    ISO9001:2015/JIS Q9001:2015

  5. Revision date : 13 November 2019
    Expiration date : 19 December 2022

  6. Certificate number

Company policy

Shared value – Symbiosis

“Symbiosis” is to live and work together for the common good. This shared value covers not only our employees but our clients and business partners.
Our company responds to client needs based on the value “Symbiosis” with even more strengthened trust from the broad viewpoint of the next generation.
Moreover, we provide our clients with innovative solutions as a result of consistent efforts of research & development based on our specialized powder processing technology. Research & development in a new market is always one of our foremost interests.


Quality/Environmental mission

  1. We contribute widely to the society with our passion to become the No.1 innovative company which develop/manufacture
    unique products in the field of feeding/measuring/mixing powders and granules.

  2. We establish reliable quality management to verify client needs and deliver excellent quality products and services as best as we can offer.
    1) We develop/design products with high function. Under our policy, the quality is the first priority.
    2) We deliver machinery controlling systems which are suitable for the next generation.
    3) We challenge to zero complaint.

  3. We identify environmental impacts of our corpurate activities, and commit to maintain good environmental performance and prevent pollution.
    1)   We participate in making better use of limited resources through reducing the amount of wastes and recycling.
    2)   We consistently tackle saving materials and energy.
    3)   We participate in reducing the pollution of the environment by prohibiting harmful substances.
    4)   We keep our aim at producing environmental-friendly products.

  4. We set goals and processes to keep quality and environmental conservation system not only in each department but as a whole.

  5. We strictly abide by related laws/regulations/requirements by ISO in corporate activities and conduct fair-minded payroll in the society.

  6. We educate our employees to make them ready to participate in activities in order to improve management of quality and environment consistently.

  7. We inform all of these directions to every person and conduct PDCA cycle with consistent passion to improve/reform the corporate quality.

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