Loop Conveyor Scale(Mass Flow Meter)

Loop Conveyor Scale(Mass Flow Meter)

It has two knife edges, one on each end of the fulcrum axis, and the inlet
and outlet of the loop conveyor are located near these knife edges.
Thus, only the weight of powder passing through the left half can be detected by the load cell.
From the detected weight and the revolution speed, the flow rate of the powders is calculated and the flow rate signal is emitted accordingly.
Loop conveyor is bilateral – symmetrical construction.
The fixed passing route is scraped by impeller so tareweight is always balanced. And also it can detect only powder weight on the left half continuously without zero point shift.


This Loop Conveyor Scale must be combine with Funken Auto Feeder.

  1. Flashingless
    The special soft-flexible-sealing structure assures trouble-free operation against abrasive wear, temperature change, and powder flushing.
  2. Highly accurate volumetric feeding can be achieved
  3. Seal for bearing The Perfect seals provided for the bearings prevents any infiltration of powder.
  4. Free from powder leakage and dust generation.



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