Simple Break Down Feeder (Compa Feeder)

Funken Compa Feeder is designed for "easy resolve", "light
weight parts", "low price" compare with former Funken Feeder.
Variable kind of powders and granulates are used in regarding with compound.
We prepare three type feeders to correspond with that.

Step Disc Type(FSCA)
Weighing Auto Feeder for powders


Through keeping efficiency of Funken Auto Feeder, it is more light weight, simple and easy for break down cleaning. 
It is fitting with adherability powder


Roll type(FRGA) Weighing Auto Feeder for granulates material

Continuous gravimetric constant feeder for PP/PE/EP pellet and PP/PE powder.


Vibrator type(FVA) Weighing Auto Feeder for Glass Fiber.

To adopt vibrator type, it is possible to feed granule material and fiver without damage it’s shape.

  1. It is possible to resolve and assemble easily.
    An internal parts is unified, it is possible to resolve and assemble 
    without tools. And also due to none cyclo drive, it is mentenance free.
  2. It is possible to change powder and grade in a short time.
    Platform and drive part are unified.
    Short time correspondence for changing powder and grade is 
    achieved due to change cartridge type feeder body.
  3. Highly accurate gravimetric feeding can be achieved due to 
    combine with advance controller(DX type).


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