STEPDISC TYPE For General Powders(FS model)

FS model is the basic type of the FUNKEN AUTO FEEDER. It has highly

accurate feed rate(+-0.5 ~ 1.0% in volume) for general powders as well as special powders with strong adhesive and cohesive properties.
The available size of the FS model Feeders vary from 0.1 Lit ~ 100,000Lit/h.

  1. Bridgeless and BlocklessBridgeless and Blockless feeding of powder is guaranteed because
    of its vertical mass-flow construction
  2. Highly Accuracy FeedingBecause of the level control mechanism, there is less pressure
    influence caused by changes in powder level in the Upper Vessel.
    And it makes bulk density constantly.


Attention : It includes some special specification at this picture


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